The main militant group in Nigeria’s Niger Delta region says it has located a kidnapped Israeli businessman, but has rescinded its offer to help rescue him.

Nigerian police say gunmen kidnapped the Israeli businessman from his home in the Niger Delta’s main city, Port Harcourt, late Tuesday.

In a statement sent to reporters Thursday a spokesman for the Movement for Emancipation of the Niger Delta says it is now demanding an apology from Israel National News, a broadcast service which described MEND as a terrorist group.

The MEND statement says it will now plead with the businessman’s captors to be human but will not otherwise intervene.

On Tuesday, the group had said it was not involved in the Israeli man’s kidnapping and offered to help secure his release.

The Israeli Foreign Ministry says it is doing everything it can to secure the man’s release as quickly as possible.



4 Responses

  1. Montenegrian people are suporting the African fight for they land.
    We hate Jews and Americans

  2. the world is not sincere to the people of the niger delta
    israel is killing the arabs yet the muslim controled government of nigeria is rely on israeli military support to massacre the defenceless people of niger delta.

  3. I personally hate not the jews nor the werstenrs. But I firmly bilive that oue LAND (AFRICA ) nids to be returned to us , we have no dignity wiout controll over our ressources.We have no pride without controll over our economy. We claim to have freedom but that is illusion and fantasy for we still relly over our opressors foe medicall assistance hance we ha lots of huge forestrys controlled by the emperialists, we still depend on the enemy for the food whre our brothers and sisters die in hungr due to vareying reasons (drought,war) .In south Africa we host lots of nigerian brothers because they fled thier country due to lack of opportunities but they suuply the world with Oli, Why dont we support and stand by one onother ,why dont we unite Afrika and become the powerfull nation?……………………lETS CHASE THEM AWAY FROM OUR RESSOURCES AND TAKE CONTROLL.”PAMBERE NECHIMORENGA VHAKOMANA”Shona……..”Not yet UHURU”

  4. the crises in the niger delta is not just the militant alone the main issue is the chiefs and the elders in the region who are secretly arming and financing the so called militant because the make money from the ramson the militant get in exchange for there captives i live here in the niger delta so i know all this thing better some time the way the media expecially the foreign one write are not really what is going on the crises in the region can only be solve not even alone the gorvernment but the people of the region and their so callad chief and elders

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