At least 21 people have been killed in Ghana as a truck carrying fuel exploded near the town of Techiman. The explosion happened when people were trying to scoop up fuel that had spilt around the broken down vehicle.

A local official said the dead bodies were burnt beyond recognition and at least 50 people have gone to hospital.

The BBC’s Will Ross says such incidents are frequent in West Africa where poverty tempts many to take free fuel at accident sites despite the risks.

Our reporter says the fuel truck had broken down near Techiman in Ghana’s Brong-Ahafo region – more than 290km north-west of the capital, Accra. Many people carrying small containers rushed to the vehicle hoping to scoop some free petrol, he says.

The truck then exploded engulfing the crowd. Those taken to hospital have severe burns all over their bodies, a local official said from the scene of the explosion.

One eyewitness said a soldier had stepped out of his car and was trying to disperse the people but he too was then caught up in the explosion. A similar incident happened in northern Cameroon in August and last year 98 people died as they tried to scoop up fuel from a broken down tanker in Nigeria’s Kaduna State



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