The Indian navy has defended its action in sinking a ship near Somalia that maritime officials have confirmed was a hijacked Thai fishing boat. The International Maritime Bureau said the Ekawat Nava 5 had been captured by pirates earlier in the day on 18 November and the crew was tied up.

One crewman was found alive after six days adrift but 14 are still missing. The Indian navy said the ship was a pirate vessel in “description and intent” and had opened fire first.

India is one of several countries currently patrolling the Gulf of Aden, one of the world’s busiest shipping lanes, amid increasing attacks by Somali pirates. Almost 40 ships have been seized this year, the biggest the Saudi oil tanker, Sirius Star, which is still being held off the Somali coast.

Indian navy spokesman, Commander Nirad Sinha, told AFP news agency: “The vessel was similar in description to what was mentioned in various piracy bulletins.

“The Indian navy ship asked them to stop for investigation. On repeated calls, the vessel responded by saying it would blow up the Indian ship,” he said.



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  2. Why does any navy need to justify action against pirates? Justify it to who??
    Pirates are up there with terrorists-not protected by any one. Sink them.
    Protectors for the “oppressed” pirates will change their opinion when they become a victim.

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