Thursday would have been a continuation of CNN’s special programme ‘INDIA MEANS BUSINESS’. One after another CNN correspondents had interviews all week-long with Business moguls in India from TATA’s boss to its several young IT entrepreneurs. The story was the same everywhere from Mumbai to New Delhi, India’s emerging economy looked set to take its place among top world market leaders; remarkably the global economic meltdown hadn’t affected India’s bubbling Business climate27-11-india

The cliché ‘get information for you never know when you would need it’ came handy in this report. A CNN correspondent took viewers on a tour of India’s former Victoria train station in its commercial centre, Mumbai. According to that report the train station has become inadequate for India’s rapidly growing population spiked with increased rapid urbanization.

That train station was one of several terror targets in Wednesdays attack, no longer crowded with anxious passengers but with strewn baggage, clothing and blood stains. At the end of the mayhem more than 100 people had been killed and 300 others injured. Along with the train station were the luxurious Taj and Oberoj hotels; tourist sites and landmarks of India’s bubbling commercial and tourist capital. More than 20 hours after the initial blasts CNN was still streaming pictures of closed doors and darkened windows, troops crouched pensively and taking positions around the terror outposts. Dark and thick smoke billowing from one of the Taj’s gold tinted domes. A CNN reporter jostling a microphone and a cameraman taking cover with the sound of blasts ricocheting at the background

This is Mumbai and CNN’s programme INDIA MEANS BUSINESS has transmuted to INDIA MEANS TERRORISM. According to Anthony Rose, Australian tourist who had a meeting to attend in Taj, his arrival at the hotel’s lobby was greeted with gun fire. He thought the gunfire was minimal, isolated and wouldn’t last long but he was wrong. Seconds pushed up to hours and to his shock, sporadic gunfire followed afterwards. He, some guests and employees managed to take cover by hiding in the hotel restaurant closely shutting the door behind them. In no time; the militants walked in and in a peep, Rose saw as they held everyone on the hall way hostage, the terrorists ask the guests for their passports “ where are the Britons and Americans “ they barked. Fortunately for Rose and a few others, they escaped through the restaurant’s window.

According to Rose; security operatives in India took their time to the detriment of the people; for there were no serious counter attacks by the security operative and the militants held people conveniently for 6hours he further stated that he was able to see what was happening from outside via the live reports that was aired on CNN, this he viewed on his phone.

A quick check on the militants gave details of these men aged between 22- 25years.

As I watched pensively, the news developing fast, I wondered, who really these people were. What do they want and how could they have pulled this off with little or no tip off from the several local and international anti terror units. Up until now; the reasons for these attacks are not yet streamlined but in the late hours of the morning a small terrorist group called “Deccan mujahedeen” claimed responsibility. These group of people are however not suicide bombers but they were ready to die for a cause. However this I am sadly coming to terms with the fact that these attacks bear the mendacious and evil hallmarks of Al Qaeda

According to the United States Pentagon speculations; India would be the major focus for “Al Qaeda” firstly because, India in recent times are a strategic ally with the United States of America which puts it in the eye of the bull that Al Qaeda has come represent following the September 11 terror attacks in the US



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