Two British security guards have jumped overboard from a chemical tanker seized by Somali pirates in the Gulf of Aden, British diplomats have said. The men, along with another crew member were picked up from the sea by a German naval helicopter.

brithish-crewThe Liberian registered vessel, which has at least 28 crew, is now thought to be in the control of pirates. There have been almost 100 attacks on ships by pirates off east Africa so far this year. The British High Commission in Nairobi said: “The MV Biscaglia was attacked this morning.

“The three men were picked up by a German naval helicopter and taken to a French warship. They are now safely on board.” The International Maritime Bureau said the Liberian-flagged tanker was hijacked early on Friday in the Gulf of Aden.

The vessel was captured in the same waters where many of the recent hijackings have taken place, the narrow shipping lane between Somalia and Yemen. More than a dozen ships are currently being held to ransom, including the Saudi-owned super tanker the Sirius Star, which has two British crew on board.



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