Ugandan rebel Chief Joseph Kony has said he is stalling on a long-awaited peace agreement amid threats to his life, says an opposition politician. Mediators had hoped the LRA leader would finally sign a deal at the weekend but returned home empty-handed.

Norbert Mao told the BBC Mr Kony said he had been warned he would be killed if he returned to his home village. Mr Kony also claimed hard-line rebels would brand him a traitor while the army had made threats too, Mr Mao said.

On Monday, negotiator Joaquim Chissano, Mozambique’s former president, is due to meet Ugandan elders – who held talks with Mr Kony – to clarify what is holding up the peace deal.

After tortuous two-year negotiations, analysts warn the Ugandan peace process is on the verge of collapse. Mr Kony has previously refused to sign the agreement until arrest warrants issued by the International Criminal Court against him and his fellow rebel leaders are withdrawn.

Uganda’s government has said it will only request that after he has laid down his weapons.



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