December, 07 2008 was an epoch making moment for Ghanaians to elect a new government, one they think could take them through to El-Dorado which is almost a year from now; 2010, when the first batch of Ghana’s new found black gold is ready for commercial sale. oil wealth which is desperately needed to combat its budding economy, healthcare, educational and social needs of the Ghanaian

The turn-out on Election Day was as massive as celebrations that greeted the discovery of crude oil in the Gold coast just a few years back. Already preliminary results indicate National patriotic party standard bearer, Nana Akufo Addo may just clinch it but then he may have to wait for a run-off in a hotly contested race two weeks from now for his ambition to materialize.

In an interview with Nana Akuffo Addo, he responded that he was optimistic that the good sense of his people would prevail and judging that democracy was a long awaited process for Ghanians; he is  certain that the process is strong and would ensure a free, fair and transparent system.EU-ECOWAS TROIKA-TREFFEN IN WIEN

Responding to allegations that the NPP was influencing the poll results because it was the ruling party. Addo said that the electoral body is an independent body which is formally organised and not under state control. Furthermore he said key members of the commission were appointed by Former president Jerry Rawlings who is a stalwart of the opposition.

Addo was emphatic in his praise for the electoral body saying that they were men of integrity. ‘More so, NPP party were the first to introduce photo identification ballot boxes for easy identification and transparency’ the NPP standard-bearer said. In his words “we oppose that dictatorship should reign, we work for the will of the people; how will we turn our back on 60years of struggle by rigging the elections”

On Questions pertaining to the nations Per Capital Income which stands at $400 and how he intended to fight nation would fight poverty & unemployment? Nana argued that the PCI had risen to $600 and not $400. Addo also said before the emergence of the current government the nations GDP stood at $4billion but presently Ghana’s GDP stands at $16 billion. More so, poverty rate has decreased from 26% to 16%. Before the current dispensation, hospitals operated a cash and carry system even in public hospitals but at present, free healthcare had become the norm. The same brilliant testimonies for education where he said, 40% of children are now enrolled in primary and secondary schools while university access had also doubled by 30%

‘Before now Ghana’s unemployment ratio stood at 1of every 2, now it is 1 of every 3 persons’. Addo boldly announced.

Addo believes there is more to be done if his party is retained in power. His party intends battling poverty and unemployment by diversifying &modernising its economy; intensifying agriculture and working more on industrialization. In his words “the present administration has laid the foundation for Ghana’s future and the structures would be built if we are allowed further”. He further states that his party had the potential to ensure Ghana meets its MDG targets by 2015.


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  1. What at all is the new dev’ments in Ghana and my NPP’s flagbearership.I think mr Alan should be the running mate for Nana to enable us come back to power!

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