Strong evidence has emerged of children and adults being used as slaves in Sudan’s Darfur region, a study says. Kidnapped men have been forced to work on farmland controlled by janjaweed militias a coalition of African charities says

Eyewitnesses also say the Sudanese army has been involved in abducting women and children to be sex slaves and domestic staff for troops in Khartoum. But Khartoum said the report was very ‘naive’ and called the authors ignorant

The government does not condone abductions and it is not a government policy. A government spokesman told the BBC “we are working hard to stop such violations. The rebel factions are mostly to blame for abductions in Darfur

Up to 300,000 people have died since conflict began in Darfur in 2003 and at least 2.7 million people have fled from their homes.


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  1. It looks like that there have been a lot of speculations claimed by both parties that cannot be verified. There really should be an investigation that can be carried out independently that cannot be affected by either parties involved. My head hurts each time I read these kinds of stories but I have to know, I also have visited The Emma Academy Project, that is aimed in building a school in Leer, Sudan. That school will be the learning center for that place, and a lot of people there would benefit from it too.

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