Four more vessels have been attacked by armed bandits off Somalia, as the UN Security Council said foreign forces could pursue the pirates on land. Maritime officials say a Chinese ship’s crew held off one group of attackers until a naval patrol arrived.

But an Indonesian tugboat, Turkish cargo ship and a private yacht were successfully boarded and are thought to remain in pirates’ hands. The attacks persist despite increased US, European and Indian naval patrols.

The BBC’s Peter Greste in Nairobi says the latest attacks appear to be a calculated jab at UN attempts to clamp down on piracy. He says there have been 42 successful hijackings in the area this year.

Fourteen foreign ships and their crew of over 200 are still being held, our correspondent adds. On Tuesday the UN Security Council unanimously approved a resolution allowing foreign military forces to pursue pirates on land in Somalia.

Permission will be needed from the transitional Somali government for any incursions. Countries already have powers to enter Somali waters to pursue pirates.

China told the meeting in New York it was considering sending a naval force into the region. The US-drafted resolution was the fourth approved by the Security Council since June to combat piracy in the region.


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  1. This is quite a complicated issue, I hope all of the crew members are returned unharmed.

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