“Chuckie” Taylor, the son of former Liberian President Charles Taylor is due to be sentenced by a US court after being convicted of torture.

The case is the first test of a 1994 US law allowing the prosecution of citizens who commit torture overseas.

Chuckie Taylor, 31, headed a notorious paramilitary unit while his father’s government was battling rebels.

Charles Taylor is on trial at a court in The Hague – he denies 11 counts of crimes against humanity and war crimes.


The prosecution has urged that Chuckie Taylor be sentenced to 147 years in prison. He was born in the US but after his father won Liberia’s 1997 elections, he moved to the country and was made the head of the notorious Anti-Terrorist Unit (ATU) while in his early 20s.

This elite pro-government military division was widely feared in Liberia and the crimes were especially brutal when the unit was cracking down on a rebellion which began in 1999.

At his trial in October 2008, Chuckie Taylor was accused of committing or conspiring to commit executions, imprisoning a group of individuals in a hole in the ground, burning victims and administering electric shocks.

The Miami jury made a direct link between some incidents of torture and the defendant.


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