The family of Sudanese Islamist leader Hassan al-Turabi, 76, say he is in solitary confinement and they are increasingly worried for his health. He was arrested late on Wednesday after saying President Omar al-Bashir should hand himself in to The Hague to face war crimes charges for the Darfur war.

islam-troubleHis relatives say they have not been able to see or speak to him at a state intelligence detention centre. Judges are deciding whether to issue an international warrant for Mr Bashir. Sources in the capital, Khartoum, says tension is mounting ahead of the International Criminal Court decision.

The head of national intelligence recently said foreigners in Sudan could be attacked if an arrest warrant is issued for the president. Presidential spokesman Mahjoub Fadul confirmed that Mr Turabi had been detained but said he did not know the reason, reports Reuters news agency.

A spokesman at Sudan’s London embassy said the arrest came as no surprise as Mr Turabi was known to have links with the Darfur rebel Justice and Equality Movement, which he described as a “terrorist organisation”.

“This is quite normal as you know in many countries including the United States… people can be arrested for investigation for up to 40 something days,” Khalid al-Mubarak told the BBC’s Focus on Africa programme. Jem leader Khalil Ibrahim used to be one of Mr Turabi’s followers.

Mr Turabi was last arrested in 2008, after Jem launched a surprise raid near the capital Khartoum.



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