A Hong Kong-based photographer who said Robert Mugabe’s wife assaulted him last week was undecided on Monday about whether to press charges against Zimbabwe’s first lady.grace-mugabe

Known as the “First Shopper” in Zimbabwe for her luxury shopping sprees, Grace Mugabe was on a low-key visit to the former British colony, known for its gleaming luxury malls, with members of her family when she was photographed by Richard Jones.

Jones who was working for Britain’s Sunday Times at the time, said she erupted into a “wild rage” and ordered her bodyguard to hold him down while she attacked and punched his face.

“When I heard what the assignment was, of course it’s not a regular assignment to try and tail Grace Mugabe,” Jones told Reuters.

“Everybody knows the reputation her husband has, but of course it was completely shocking when it happened. It came out of the blue,” Jones said of the attack which took place outside a luxury hotel on Hong Kong’s Kowloon peninsula.

“There were a lot of cuts and abrasions and they’re still visible,” said Jones who needed medical attention at the time.

A Hong Kong police spokeswoman would only say an “assault occasioning actual bodily harm” had occured last Thursday. No arrests were made and the case is still under investigation.

Once prosperous Zimbabwe is facing total economic collapse and rampant inflation, where prices double every day and more than 2,000 people have died in a cholera epidemic.



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  1. In deed history has a way of replicating itself…this is not a unique story, it so similar to that of the Kenyan First lady’s alleged assault of a Journalist goes far and as such if supported by evidence should be follwed up through by the justice system. This is where the test for real power rest, Do these big men’s wives have control? or is it that they find themsleves in positions of privilegde and use that to trample on anyones right as they please..Lord have mercy!

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