ghaddafi Last year he had summoned two hundred African chiefs to be crowned as Africa’s King of Kings. Libya’s leader Muammar Ghaddafi a few days before the start of the AU summit in Ethiopia’s capital Addis Ababa sent a communiqué to all guests asking them to lay their garments en-route his grand entry as the King of Kings. Muammar Ghaddafi a few days later was elected as chairman of the 52 member African Union. Anyone who thought Ghaddafi’s divine cabaret was a ruse would perhaps have done a second take when Ghaddafi’s welcome speech dragged into a late night meeting with several African leaders. And what was Mr. Ghaddafi’s bone; the establishment of the United states of Africa.

This would mean one passport, one currency and one regional force. Ghaddafi’s pet project had been long in coming three years ago at a similar summit in Accra, Ghana, he had mooted this idea but ideological differences in the manner of execution had stalled the project. Ghaddafi wanted a fast-track but South Africa, Kenya and Nigeria preferred to foot drag preferring a phased approach on a sub-regional level. But three years on Ghaddafi has conquered; his country’s economy has burgeoned as a result oil profits. At Accra, Ghaddafi had threatened the AU that failure to set in motion USA would lead to his exit from the AU to a more volatile Arab League of Nations. However King Ghaddafi is learning the hard lessons after last week’s clandestine nocturnal meeting ended in a no-show. This time however Ghaddafi isn’t walking through the Sahara into the Mediterranean after all he’s now King of the Continent. Instead he laid his head on the table for a moment; then wrapped his cape around his frame, sweeping out of the room. Africa’s only female president, Liberia’s Ellen Sirleaf Johnson describes his exit; “something tells me he was just tired; he didn’t walk out”. And I agree wholeheartedly with her. Ghaddafi has been spoilt rotten by always getting what he wants; his conquest train is impressive; Lockerbie bombers, Italian reparation, withdrawing Libyan funds from Swiss banks, Condoleeza Rice taking cooking lessons in his palace  and much more. What does Ghaddafi’s leadership hold for Africa? Perhaps you need to listen to his denigrating of Africa’s democracy. “There are no political parties that haven’t been tainted by ethnicity; that’s why elections in the continent always end up violent. The best approach is to adopt the Libyan system-no opposition parties”. The king hasn’t been on the throne for a week and he’s already courting controversy. Nevertheless the continent is in for an interesting time because in three months he’ll back more determined and more sinister .



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