A mass burial is underway for at least 100 people who died in an oil tanker fire in the Kenyan town of Molo.
More than 130 people were killed when an overturned petrol tanker caught fire and exploded as hundreds of people collected the spilled fuel.
The tanker fire occurred several days after a supermarket blaze killed at least 25 people in Nairobi.
The authorities were criticised over the failure to address public safety in the fatal incidents.
President Mwai Kibaki and Prime Minister Raila Odinga are among those attending the inter-denominational funeral.
Some family members have protested against the decision to bury their kin in a mass grave, saying this is against their traditional beliefs.
The victims will be buried in a mass grave less than 100m from the spot where the tanker caught fire.
About 200 people were injured during the tanker fire and at least 148 are still undergoing treatment.
The government has pledged to pay the hospital bills for those injured, including covering fees for specialised surgery.
President Kibaki is to preside over a fund-raising service for victims of the two fires on Tuesday.
The causes of the two fires have not been established and investigations are underway.
Reports say the tanker fire was either caused by a lit cigarette or started deliberately by people who had been prevented from collecting spilt fuel.
Prime Minister Odinga blamed the accident on prevalent poverty, saying it was “pushing our people into doing desperate things”.



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