The therapy aims to stop HIV re-producing; one of the attempts to use gene therapy to treat HIV has produced promising results in clinical trials. When the therapy was tested on 74 patients, it was shown to be safe and appeared to reduce the effect of the virus on the immune system.

In theory, one treatment should be enough to replace the need for a lifetime of antiretroviral therapy. The study, by the University of California, Los Angeles, appears in the journal nature medicine. “The researchers say it is enough of an effect for us to be hopeful that a gene therapy approach to HIV treatment might eventually deliver effective treatment for the diseases”

Keith Alcon HIV information service NAM, highly active antiretroviral therapy (HAART) has greatly improved the prognosis for people affected with HIV. However, it must be taken on a daily basis, there is a risk of adverse reactions and virus-which has an astonishing capacity to evolve rapidly- is a start to develop resistance to the drugs.

Therefore, new ways to combat the virus are badly needed the researchers say



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