Nigeria security forces repelled an attack by gunmen on an Exxon Mobil housing compound in the Niger delta state of Akwa Ibom, the local unit of the of the U.S energy giant said on Wednesday. The attack on the Mobil producing Nigeria (MPN) compound in Eket, were security measures were reinforced in December following a rise in violence in Akwa Ibom, took place at around 2200 GMT on Tuesday, security sources said.

“Government security successfully repelled unidentified gunmen in the vicinity of (MPN’s) Eket compound in Akwa Ibom state. During the incident, shots were fired” MPN said in a statement. “No casualties have been reported”.

The security sources said the shooting had lasted 30 minutes and that the attackers have been repelled on the waterways around the compound and had not gone inside the site. Insecurity in the Niger delta has largely focused on the three oil producing states of Rivers, Delta and Bayelsa but they have been a growing number of attacks in Akwa Ibom, further east towards Cameroon.



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