Around 3m tickets are being made available for the 2010 World Cup.

Tickets for the 2010 Fifa Cup in South Africa have gone on sale as Africa prepares to host the contest for the first time.

Around 3m tickets are available for the 64 matches, which will start in June 2010.

In the first sale phase, applications for tickets will be followed by a random selection draw in April.

Some 450,000 cheaper tickets are reserved for South African residents of which 120,000 will be issued free to stadium construction workers.

Overall prices range from $20(E14) for a category four tickets reserved for South Africans to $900 for category one tickets for the final.

World Cup organizer Danny Jordan said he can give 100% guarantees that every one will be 100% safe.

Ever since South Africa was awarded the football World Cup, questions have been asked about whether the country is capable of staging a successful tournament, says our correspondent.

This week, about 400 builders working on the construction of Mbombela stadium in Nelspruit were dismissed for going on strike.

Similar disputes have previously broken out at stadiums in Durban and Cape Town, but World Cup organizers say they are confident those projects will be completed by on time.

Ten stadiums in nine cities will play host to the tournament.



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