agaguThe court of Appeal sitting in Edo state has nullified the governorship election of Ondo State in landmark judgment lasting several hours. The appeal court justice sited several flaws in the conduct of the elections and declared olusegun Mimiko of the labour party, the winner of the election held in April, 2007 . President of the Appeal court, Justice Umar Abdullahi said though the incidents of electoral fraud weren’t enough to nullify the election, Mr Agagu had polled in more votes that the Governor,  Olusegun Agagu

Mr.  Agagu was absent at the venue of the ruling and was not immediately available to make any comments. As the court ended proceedings, there were jubilant scenes in Akure and several cities in Ondo state. Mr Mimiko was surrounded by several cameramen as he  fielded questions after the verdict. Mimiko who was ordered to be sworn in by the Appeal Court ruling  praised the judiciary saying he will not fail the people

In Akure, the Ondo State capital which had witnessed a heavy deployment of troops over the weekend; stern looking mobile policemen stationed around prominent government buildings at oba ile, Ijapo, Oyemekun and the commercial district of oja oba prevented most shops from opening. At the state secretariat at  Oba Ile small groups of  workers could be seen  discussing  the  appeal court’s ruling. Most residents followed the court’s proceedings on national television. Akure which is the main stay of Mr. Agagu was a  ghost town-limited movement-but there  appears to be a big sense of relief and muted joy following the verdict. The ousted Governor who was once a federal minister of power will be best remembered for embarking on an ambitious bitumen project which has failed to attract immediate direct foreign investment although he argues that the long term benefits are more important.



2 Responses

  1. Mimiko has just been declared governor and to be sworn in tomorrow.adaba fm now full of mimiko’s announcement.

  2. If only I had a quarter for each time I came here! Superb read.

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