Kenya’s government said on Thursday it would study a report by a U.N. investigator who said the police chief and attorney-general should be fired because of hundreds of alleged murders by security forces.

Wednesday’s report by Philip Alston, U.N. rapporteur on extrajudicial, summary and arbitrary executions, prompted a stern response from Kenya’s Information Ministry, which accused him of acting in bad faith and exceeding his mandate.

On Thursday, Foreign Minister Moses Wetangula said he also took exception to how Alston had released his findings. But he said the government would still study his conclusions closely.

“We will study it and decide, how do we handle it?” Wetangula told a news conference in the capital Nairobi.

“As a government we let him do his work … It is important for us to verify if the report is based on facts, innuendo or both, and then take necessary remedial actions. We’ll see which of his recommendations are implementable and which are not.”

The U.N. report was damning of Kenya’s coalition government, already criticised by donors and the public over corruption and rights abuses.



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