Somalia’s president Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmed has agreed to a truce and the introduction of Sharia law to try to diffuse clashes with tribal leaders.

The deal came after talks between the Somali government and its opponents and mediation by regional leaders. The government has been in clashes with the Islamist group -Al Shabbab which has links to Al-Qaeda

Sheikh Sharif a moderate Islamist was elected only last month. The agreement has yet to be passed by Somalia’s parliament but the president said there was no problem from the government’s side if the people wanted to be governed by Sharia

The truce comes after militants fought Government and AU forces in clashes which killed at least 30 people in the last few Days. The Islamist militia recently seized the town of Baidoa which had been the seat of the Somali parliament. The Islamist militia has declared Sharia law in the town, and the parliament now seats in neighbouring Djibouti



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