MTN 3G USB internet modem is the latest attempt at fraud by a mobile telecom company-and they’re succeeding in landslide numbers in Africa’s biggest telecom market-Nigeria. The damn thing doesn’t work. In one month its USB internet modem’s speed has doddered around 10 to 15 kilobytes download speed-nowhere near its promise of 75-100 kb. The nightmare began mid last month when for two weeks the device stopped working-worse still my 1 month subscription had only just begun-so in pain I watched my money dribble down the unscrupulous telecom company’s drain. Frantically I called MTN’s customer care desk and they said there were aware of the problem; awareness never led to a solution. I went to their office at Opebi-Lagos to complain; they said it is due to a fiber optic cut; technical jargon that the mobile company failed to rectify. At the end I lost the final two weeks of a month’s subscription-10,000 naira is the cost of a month’s subscription- MTN is yet to offer compensation. The infuriating bit of this whole saga is that the USB modems are still being sold to an unsuspecting public- this can only happen in Nigeria appears to be the popular refrain of most complainants. The telecom regulatory body-NCC has a primary duty to perform which is to halt this fraud. For a start MTN must recompense by returning either funds or internet time to thousands of swindled customers-also not forgetting to offer a public apology for insulting our sensibilities. Furthermore new sales should be halted until the problems are rectified.



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