A lot has been said and written about him in the past; ‘he can’t sing anymore’ his sceptics floored him. His incredibly transformed face was a metaphor for more cynical remarks. Pictures before his ½ a century birthday showed a crumbling face in band aids-a rumoured going-blind-in-the-right-eye to a famed falling snout drew parallels with an eroded business and professional empire-his 50th birthday appearance in a pyjamas encasing his frail fame-once a colossus who bestrode the world’s music horizon now a pathetic looking sight. Eyes watered not from ‘he waved to me’ but in frustration and agony at ‘look at him dying away’

But last week’s appearance in London by the King of pop was super duper, after several years in the treadmill; Michael is ready to ready for the big come back. THIS IS IT; and the special one isn’t joking, perhaps an attempt at rubbishing Mickey Rourke’s feat. He’ll need a lot of strength perhaps more than the 5 hours physical that confirmed he was in excellent concert for the last stand concert. micheal-j

For the thousands of die-hard Jacksonians who had waited patiently outside the conference centre, there were ooo’s, aaah’s and flaying   hands when he announced that he will be performing 10 concerts in the U.K. The first show will take place on July 8, 2009, with subsequent dates to be confirmed. Tickets will go on sale in the U.K in a month. Wacko Jacko looked impressively better than his 50th birthday photograph taken last year. The picture led many to believe that the Thriller star’s career was gone-the entire enchilada gone with the wind

To prove to all that he was ready to set the stage rolling again, Wacko, who was dressed in a sparkling black and silver jacket, told the crowd made up of about 1000 fans: “The moonwalk is coming back while adding that “I have still got what it takes. I will prove everyone wrong.” But he also made it clear that the concert will be his last. “That is it. I just want to say this will be my final shows. This will be it. When I say it, I really mean it”

The show which will be coming up in July may be his last curtain call but already, the eagerness towards the show is already setting records again as his concert website MichealJacksonLive.com is struggling to cope after being flooded with hundreds of thousands of requests. The site is said to be receiving a record breaking 16,000 requests per second that a spokesperson for the firm promoting the concert said that calling the development a phenomenon is an understatement.

Beyond the moonwalks and break dancing Money is an important aspect for MJ; 20 million dollars in the kitty would mean more than staying alive it will keep the loan sharks away for a season. THIS IS IT indeed for MJ, he either ships in or ships out; something tells me he’s already docking the world’s music harbour



3 Responses

  1. Michael Jackson was just five years old when he boldly declared his three wishes in life:
    1- I would like to be a great entertainer.
    2- I want peace for the world.
    3- I would like to own my own mansion one day.

  2. Dear MJ thank you for all your great wonderful hit songs. You heal me as a young gril growing up. Rip again thank you

  3. I have been looking for this information all over! Your points were well delivered and organized. Good post on the subject, without a doubt! You should write more about it. Im positive others are simply as involved as I am to hear more from you. Seeing onwards to more posts about this topic!

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