There are emerging reports that Madagascar’s President Marc Ravalomanana is  standing down and handing  power to the military, sources in the president’s office have told the BBC.

It comes hours after opposition leader Andry Rajoelina installed himself in the president’s offices, seized on Monday by pro-opposition troops.

Mr Ravalomanana has reportedly left the Iavoloha palace on the fringes of the capital for an undisclosed location.

The crisis on the Indian Ocean island has left 100 people dead since January. rajoelina1

“Apparently the president is handing over to the military and is going to make a declaration,” an aide said in a text to the BBC.

A spokesman for Mr Ravalomanana told Reuters news agency power had been handed to the most senior figure in the military, navy admiral Hyppolite Ramaroson.

“The order signed by Ravalomanana transfers the powers of the president and the prime minister to a military board,” an unnamed diplomat told AFP news agency.

The BBC’s Jonah Fisher in the capital Antananarivo says that as the military backs Mr Rajoelina, power will effectively be handed over to the opposition leader.

The move marks a dramatic victory for Mr Rajoelina, who was sacked as mayor of the capital in February.

The 34-year-old former disc jockey took up office at the presidential residence in central Antananarivo on Tuesday before emerging triumphantly to parade among thousands of supporters.

He has announced there will be a new constitution and elections within 24 months.

Our correspondent says the mood on the streets is one of relief as there had been fears of a bloody last stand if Mr Ravalomanana had continued to cling to power.

Earlier, a number of government ministers quit, as power ebbed away from the president.

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