Kenya’s largest church organisation branded the president “moribund” and the prime minister “ineffective” in the latest of a torrent of complaints against the east African country’s coalition government.

One year after its creation to end Kenya’s post-election violence, the unity government of President Mwai Kibaki and Prime Minister Raila Odinga is creaking under internal divisions and a public backlash over its performance.

Some civil society groups want a new election; protests against corruption, police killings and high food prices are springing up with the global financial crisis compounding economic woes; and ministers squabble daily in public.

The National Council of Churches of Kenya (NCCK), which represents 26 Protestant denominations comprising thousands of congregations around the deeply religious nation, weighed in with a statement bashing the government on all fronts.

“The impression and expression of most Kenyans is that they have a moribund president and an ineffective prime minister,” NCCK leaders said in the statement sent to media on Thursday.

“In their hearts, Kenyans cannot understand how they can be going through an extremely difficult period, with no hope in sight, yet the president … is extremely quiet about those issues, almost as if he has lost touch with reality.”

Odinga, though charged with coordinating government ministries, “complains about the same people he is supervising instead of streamlining their operations,” NCCK added.



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