Togo’s authorities have put on display an arms cache said to have been part of a coup plot, which was allegedly found at the president’s brother’s house. The weapons include assault rifles, AK-47s, military vehicles, tear-gas grenades and bullet-proof vests.

togo-coupThe chief state prosecutor said Kpatcha Gnassingbe would be charged with rebellion and illegal possession of heavy weapons to threaten the state. He has denied plotting to oust his half-brother, Faure Gnassingbe.

Kpatcha Gnassingbe was arrested on Wednesday as he sought asylum at the US embassy, the government says. At least two people were killed and three wounded in a shootout at his house on Sunday night, officials say.

But Kpatcha Gnassingbe, a former defence minister, said he was the victim of an assassination attempt.

He has told the BBC that armed men in military uniform had turned up at his home spraying bullets at his bedroom and the bedrooms of his children during the gun battle, which lasted at least three hours.

The government website said Kpatcha Gnassingbe was one of the main organisers of a plot to topple the government. Five senior army officers have already been arrested.



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