Former South African President, Nelson Mandela is set to cast his vote in South Africa’s democratic polls. The nonagenarian foremost ANC leader will be casting his vote in Houghton , Johannesburg

Mandela will be joining millions of South Africa’s in exercising their voting rights in South Africa’s fourth democratic elections since the end of apartheid in 1994. ANC leader and standard bearer, Jacob Zuma will be casting his vote in the Kwazulu Natal province. elections are expected to be the most competitive in South Africa’s political history.

The ruling ANC – led by Jacob Zuma – is expected to win, but it could lose its two-thirds majority in parliament which allows it to change the constitution.

Its rivals include a party which split from the ANC last year and the official opposition Democratic Alliance.

The Independent Electoral Commission says it expects a high turnout.

Some 20,000 polling stations are being used for the more than 23 million registered voters.

Many voters arrived hours before polling stations opened – some wrapped in blankets, others in coats, scarves and hats.

While she was queuing to vote, Democratic Alliance leader Helen Zille told the BBC that South Africans needed to “stop Zuma to save the constitution”.

“He’s a one-man constitutional wrecking machine and what he says and what he does are two different things,” she said.

The alliance has repeatedly suggested Mr Zuma wants to change the constitution to protect officials from prosecution – claims he has denied.

Before the vote, Mr Zuma said the emergence of the opposition Congress of the People (Cope) had “re-energised” the ANC.



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