The head of the AU’s observer team to the South African elections former Nigerian President Obasanjo has urged voters to cast their ballots in a peaceful manner and desist from any acts of violence. He hoped this year’s elections will be a beacon of democracy, not only for SA, but the continent as a whole.
Kgalema Motlanthe

“We would like to see the elections conducted in a democratic manner, where every registered voter will have a chance to cast his/her ballot,” said Obasanjo.

South Africans head to the polls today, to elect their leader in the forth democratic elections since the fall of the apartheid regime.

Observers have termed this year’s elections as a hotly contested exercise since the fall of apartheid in 1994 in which the ruling party, the African National Congress headed by Jacob Zuma faces a tough opposition from the Democratic Alliance and its break-away COPE.

The elections also come at a time when South Africa faces dire challenges of an economic meltdown, sky rocketing poverty, political violence and the infamous HIV/Aids epidemic. The southern African country witnessed acts of xenophobic violence meted out at African foreign nations a year ago.

Obasanjo has also called for a huge voter turnout, saying that he would like to see an 80 percent voter turnout in this year’s elections.

“It is a pity that in some countries, less than 50% of voters cast their ballots. We hope that South African youth, particularly will see the need to vote for a new leader.

On his perceptions towards Jacob Zuma, who the opinion polls have predicted as the next South African leader, Obasanjo steered clear from expressing his views on Zuma’s personality. He instead hailed Zuma as a popular leader and a Pan-African.

“We know Zuma as a popular leader who is also down to earth. Such attributes are important for any African leader. We all know that there are many things that people say about their leaders, both in their favour and against; but what is important is the leader’s focus.”

Obasanjo, also a former AU chairman said that the million dollar question that every South African should be asking now is, ‘Is the leader we are electing a man of vision? Can he/she be trusted to further improve our living standards? Can he dream realistic dreams and actualise those dreams?’



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  1. In my view, what Obasanjo has articulated ‘Is the leader we are electing a man of vision? Can he/she be trusted to further improve our living standards? Can he dream realistic dreams and actualise those dreams?’ is the best South Africans should be looking for in their votes. The same applies to Malawians when they vote on May 19th. We are so feed up with poverty. We need leaders who are going to bail us out of this hideous animal, Poverty. Leaders who feel for the masses not for themselves, leaders who have clean past records and are corrupt free. If I were South African I could definitely voted for COPE and since I am Malawian, I shall definitely vote for DPP for it has what Obasanjo and I believe in. Vote wisely to enhance our democracies so that poverty and corruption is eradicated in our Continent.

    I rest my comments,


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