The head of the AU observer team to SA. Nigeria’s former leader Olusegun Obasanjo says South Africa’s general elections were free fair and credible.

Obasanjo who had  toured the Kwazulu-Natal, Nkandla, Durban and two other areas, observing the polls  said the electorate had exercised their voting rights with enthusiasm which was indicative of their desire to make a success of the polls despite genuine fear.

He said his impression of the polls is a testimony to the birthing of a mature democracy in South Africa. The chief AU observer argued that the incidents of electoral malpractices were isolated and would not affect the credibility of the election. ‘We cannot legislate for the behavior of electoral officials, we must make allowance for human error’ The former Nigerian leader argued adding that if 4 electoral fraud incidents were reported in the entire country, the electoral commission-IEC deserved to be congratulated

The Democratic Alliance leader, Helen Zille was conservative in her summary of the elections, saying that results released so far were in tandem with the party’s earlier prediction. However Zille had harsh words for the IEC, saying that it failed to provide ballot papers and boxes on time

With 51% of the votes so far counted, the ANC leads with about 65%. The Democratic Alliance maintained its strong lead in the Western cape province as in previous elections with 17% and the new party, COPE-8%. The country’s electoral commission said 74% of registered voters have so far been confirmed to have participated in the polls.



5 Responses

  1. hi guys, i just want to draw your attention to two errors in this article the first being one of the areas former president Obasanjo visited namely Nkandla which herein is mispelled as Nanka. the second error is that the DA is leading by 17% in the the Eastern Cape which is not true because it is leading by -+51% in the Western Cape Province and not the Eastern Cape.
    Many thanks

    • thanks Nonjabulo for the observation errors will be corrected

  2. Obasanjo was probably asked to come and see how elections aught to be conducted.
    His election in Nigeria as you all know was a sham and a shame.
    I also wonder why the crazy Ama Mzansi didnt kill him after all, he is Amakwere kwere.
    Southafrica will now have an interesting president, with majority in the house, he is all mighty.

  3. Amakwerekweres were burnt alive and Southafrica did nothing.
    What will SA do if Whites are burnt alive enmasse?
    A word is enough for the wise.
    Prosecute those who were seen on video attacking foreigners.
    Why? because Southafricans also live in other African countries.
    Yes, they are mostly whites and also dont admit to being from SA, they say .
    Agh men, I em from Belgium men.
    Well, a lot of comedians are letting the people know who they are.
    SA must bring those killers to book so that those who ran away from violence in SA will be safe in African countries.
    Weldone ANC.

  4. First lesson Obasanjo learnt was: when you rig election, make sure the number of voters you claimed voted for you is not more than the total number registered to vote.
    Although its impossible to get 75% voters turn out, it is believable.
    so that he who scores 50% has a convincing win.
    Not like Nigeria: 150 million population.
    70million voters.
    Obasanjo got 75 million votes.
    Those are not the exact figures but an indication of the statistics.
    But on a serious note, Southafricans should venture out of their country as they are so isolated that most of them expecially the Booren are strange in their manners.
    sorry it has to be said, even the women, very uncultured and emptily arrogant.
    Black Southafricans must also go to other African countries because your pack of cards may crumble as you realise that its not enough to be given freedom, YOU MUST TAKE IT.


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