The ruling African National Congress (ANC) has won South Africa’s general election but failed to obtain a two-thirds majority, final results show.

The party received 65.9% of about 17m votes, the Democratic Alliance 16.66% and the Congress of the People (Cope) 7.42%, election officials said.

A two-thirds majority in parliament is needed to change the constitution.

The outcome clears the way for ANC party leader Jacob Zuma to become president when parliament convenes.

ANC supporters have been holding celebrations around the country ahead of the announcement of the final results.


  • ANC: 65.90%
  • Democratic Alliance: 16.66%
  • Cope: 7.42%.
  • Votes counted: 17.68m
  • Turnout: 77.3% Source: IEC
  • The ANC lost the Western Cape province to its rivals – the only such defeat.

    The election turnout was extremely high, as much as 80% in some places, in the country’s fourth and most competitive poll since the end of apartheid 15 years ago.

    In Kwazu-Natal, home province of ANC leader Jacob Zuma, the ANC says it has taken all the strongholds of the Inkatha Freedom Party, giving it an outright majority there for the first time.

    “It is a joyous if not an outright emotional day for the ANC,” the South African Press Association quoted ANC provincial secretary Senzo Mchunu as saying.


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