Somali vigilantes have captured 12 armed pirates in two boats, as coastal communities begin to fight back against the sea raiders. Regional leaders at Alula and Bargaal in Somalia’s northern Puntland region told the BBC they have put together a militia of fishermen to catch pirates.

new-som5They decided to act as they were fed up with their fishing vessels being seized at gunpoint by the ocean-going bandits. Meanwhile, the Seychelles said it had arrested nine suspected pirates. The men were intercepted by a Spanish frigate near the Indian Ocean archipelago on Monday.

They are accused of firing on Saturday at the Italian cruise ship the Melody – which had more than 1,500 passengers – in an attack repelled by Israeli security guards. “They are now in detention in a prison cell of the Seychelles police force and are expected to be charged and tried in the islands,” Seychellois President James Michel’s office said in a statement on Tuesday, reported AFP news agency.

Somali pirates have hijacked 25 vessels since the beginning of this year and are holding more than 260 crew around the stronghold of Eyl in Puntland, according to the International Maritime Bureau.



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  1. And now you can play a game that lets you kill them all!
    what a world

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