An ammunition dump on the outskirts of the Tanzanian city of Dar es Salaam has exploded, causing a huge fire, panic and the ordering of a mass evacuation. Kenyan television reports say several people have been killed and a police commander confirmed at least one death from the blasts at a Mbagala army base.

tanzaniaShockwaves from the explosions were felt throughout Dar es Salaam. The authorities have advised workers around the city to vacate their offices, warning of further explosions. Officials said the army planned to set off another huge blast in an effort to contain the continuing smaller explosions.

Several houses in the Mbagala area caught fire from raining debris and at least one person has died, said regional police commander Suleiman Kova. Fires are still burning after the explosions, which lasted for about two hours.

Correspondent in Dar es Salaam, says the blast caused a tremor in the city centre near the harbour. Deputy Minister for Defence and Security Emmanuel Nchimbi has cautioned residents to stay away from the area and to vacate all tall buildings. Speaking at the airport in the capital Dodoma, he said he would hold a news conference as soon as he arrived in Dar es Salaam.



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