Supporters of Madagascar’s ousted President Marc Ravalomanana have announced a new government. There are now two governments in the country after a former city mayor, Andry Rajoelina, swept to power in a military-backed takeover in March.

name-newMeanwhile, sections of the army loyal to the current administration have been trying to round up opposition figures. The naming of a new government has increased the sense of confusion within an already deeply divided country.

Whether or not the new ministers can actually work effectively remains to be seen and the current administration has dismissed the announcement as childish. However, the move is likely to increase tensions in the increasingly bloody political standoff.

According to the spokesman for Mr Ravalomanana’s prime minister, civil servants and, perhaps more significantly, high-ranking members of the armed forces are prepared to work with them. Meanwhile, the bloodshed continues. A young man was very seriously injured on Monday evening after a package he had been given exploded.

Forces loyal to the transitional authorities have been continuing to try to arrest alleged political opponents and have also searched office blocks in the capital, apparently for money. Whether or not they are acting on direct orders from the current administration remains unclear.



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