More than 300 people, some critically injured, remain in hospital a day after the massive armoury explosion near Dar es Salaam, Tanzania’s biggest city. Officials said the death toll has risen to 10, including six army officers killed at the ammunition dump. Investigations are under way into the cause of the blast next to the military base on the outskirts of the city.

hurtsOne child drowned jumping into a river in the panic and hundreds more have still not been reunited with parents. President Jakaya Kikwete visited the Mbagala ordnance depot on Thursday, a day after the blast which caused mass panic and flashbacks of the deadly 1998 US Embassy bombing in the country’s main commercial centre.

“ Most of the children were running without knowing where they were going ”
Suleiman Kova Police commander. Dar es Salaam police commander Suleiman Kova told journalists: “The death toll may be higher since we are still compiling reports and search is going on in collapsed and burnt down buildings,” reported AFP news agency.

Criminals took advantage of the mayhem to loot the army barracks and surrounding civilian homes, said the authorities. The BBC’s Vicky Ntetema says more than 1,000 people were injured, a third of whom were admitted in various hospitals with multiple injuries.



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