Egypt started seizing and slaughtering pig herds on Thursday as a precaution against swine flu despite resistance by farmers and criticism from the United Nations, officials and farmers said. Egypt, already hit hard by bird flu, fears another flu virus could spread quickly in a country where most of the roughly 80 million people live in the densely packed Nile Valley, many in crowded slums around Cairo.

mass-pig1But the United Nations said the mass cull of up to 400,000 pigs was “a real mistake” because the new viral strain — a mix of swine, avian and human viruses — has not actually been found in pigs. Farmers in the most populous Arab country said the state had begun confiscating animals anyway.

“They have destroyed us. The pigs were our livelihood,” said 21-year-old Hanan Ahmed, whose family runs a small farm with around 25 pigs in Cairo. “They took them. They kidnapped them. And they beat them and us. They said they will take them to the slaughterhouse and kill them there,” she added, saying she had received no compensation.

The H1N1 swine flu virus is spread by people, not pigs. But culling swine, largely viewed as unclean in Muslim Egypt, could help quell any public panic. Pigs are mainly raised by the country’s Christian minority. Dozens of pigs were slaughtered in the early phase of the cull. Near the southern town of Minya, workers suffocated 25 piglets in plastic sacks and killed dozens of adult pigs and gave the meat to their owners, a local official said.



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  1. this is very disturbing. especially when you react more than is required. the government was supposed to tinker over this decision but rather preferred to carry out this arbitrary killings in an excessive show of force and tyranny

  2. The Slaughter of those Pigs is an outrage!!!!!! The suffocation of the piglets was just plain crule!!!!! Their not caring about the facts on how the flu is being transmited, and in my opinion.. doing something like that would be a cause to get people in a Panic!!!!! Not a very good show of leadership for their people, If the People in leadership is in a Panic going and going to go overbord like that …”they dont expect the people to take lead from them’?????????

  3. Just another way to show how bloodthirsty the dirt bag piss poor Islamist way of life is. They can’t kill the Infidels they kill whatever is available. Oh, and who really needs an excuse! Idiots!

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  5. i think it’s digusting what is done by arrogance and ignorance
    to other species . to make it clear :humans are animals .get my point

  6. wait, isnt Egypt a muslim country? Because in muslim countries muslims kill the pigs! They are not alloud to eat pigs

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  8. Rubbish.

  9. morraly WRONG (typo) to do this to these innocent animals. They do have FEELINGS, more than the human, dirt swines who are doing yhis.Damn them!.

    • Damn these unfeeling people for their hurting these innocent, feeling animals!

  10. Thats horrible, but I mean. It shows what the country values more:
    their people suffering rather than the possibility of a pandimic.
    If they somehow compensate for their actions, then I think that I would not have a problem with this. After the swine flu dies down, massive pig breeding? There is bound to be future problems in Egypt due to this.

  11. This pandemic has shown the true colors of many nations.


  12. this is piece of … pandemic… wow, i really don’t think so

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