Uganda’s annual inflation rate dropped to 13.4 percent in the year to April from 14.0 percent the month before, the government said on Thursday. Core inflation, which excludes food crop items, fuel, electricity and metered water, fell to 11.3 percent from 12.1 percent, the Uganda Bureau of Statistics said.

inflationThe main inflationary driver was food inflation, it said in a statement, which was 26.7 percent for the year ending in April, compared with 28.35 percent for the year ending in March. Both the headline and core rates were their lowest this financial year, the bureau added. Inflation is measured by surveys taken in the first two weeks of each month.

Uganda’s inflation rate hit 15.6 percent last August on the back of rising food prices — its highest level since June 1994. The landlocked east African country has seen average economic growth of 7.9 percent over the last five years, officials say.



3 Responses

  1. i would like more inormation on inflation in uganda includin statistics. thanks

  2. atleast it has reduced abit

  3. am glad am registered with africaconnect and l look forward for updates

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