Heavily-armed police and soldiers are out in force in a town in south-western Nigeria as people vote in a renewed attempt to elect a state governor. A re-run election last week ended in chaos, with allegations of violence, ballot-rigging and intimidation.

town-pollThe Ekiti State vote is seen as a must-win for both main political parties. The initial poll two years ago was won by the ruling People’s Democratic Party candidate but the result was overturned amid claims of mass vote-rigging.

President Umaru Yar’Adua has said the situation in Ekiti shows the need for urgent reform of Nigeria’s election system. The BBC’s Caroline Duffield is in the state’s capital of Oye Ekiti, where Tuesday’s vote re-run is being held, and she says roads surrounding the constituency are deserted except for the Nigerian military.

The area has been the scene of election violence many times and voters are very nervous, she adds. Efforts to elect a new governor have been marked by violence and intimidation since the man elected back in 2007, Segun Oni, was thrown out of office after massive vote-rigging emerged.



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