One of four people held in Mozambique on suspicion of sabotaging the hydro-electric Cahora Bassa dam has said they did not intend to destroy it. The foreigners are accused of putting a corrosive chemical in the turbines. “We were throwing into the water what we believe could bring positive energy to the region,” Carlos da Silva said.

The wife of another detainee told the BBC the substance was “orgonite”. Proponents of orgone energy say it is a life force with healing properties. In an e-mail to the BBC, Friederike Ritschl said her husband Georg, who is German, and his three companions – from Portugal, South Africa and Botswana – had been held for more than two weeks.

She said they were part of project called Orgonise Africa, which, according to its website, has undertaken “countless orgone healing expeditions” in Africa since 2002. Portuguese detainee Carlos da Silva told journalists in north-west Songo district that tests so far had revealed nothing “toxic”. “We came here with good intentions.
Detainee Carlos da Silva

“We were arrested by the police on suspicion of terrorism, something we find incredible,” he said. “We came here with good intentions. Maybe we should have contacted the local authorities before,” he conceded. But Deputy Interior Minister Jose Mandra says the four suspects will remain in custody until the investigations have been completed.



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