Victims of a church arson attack which came to symbolise the ferocity of last year’s post-election violence in Kenya are finally being laid to rest. The 36 bodies have been stored in a mortuary in the western town of Eldoret since the January 2008 mob burning. Attempts by the authorities to bury them earlier this year in mass graves were thwarted by their families.

VICTIMSRelatives of the victims are attending a ceremony on the grounds of the church where the burials will take place. President Mwai Kibaki is among the mourners at the ceremony, which is being broadcast live on Kenyan television. The funerals were delayed amid problems identifying the dead and a dispute over where they should be interred.

In January the authorities tried to bury the bodies in a mass grave in a public cemetery without notifying the relatives. Furious families rushed to the graveyard and forced officials to dig up 10 of the bodies buried thus far and return them with the rest to the morgue. “At first we were bitter but we don’t feel bitter anymore and we are just ready to lay our beloved to rest


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