Africa day which is celebrated on the 25th of May yearly was marked at Tshwane South Africa with a symposium

The 46 year old year event is designed to consolidate Africans, look into her challenges and her contribution to globalization.

Dignitaries from all around the continent graced the occasion and music which is said to be the food of the soul was not left out.

The mayor of the city of Tshwane ; which incidentally is the most industrialized city in South Africa said this year’s celebration is on heritage, culture and education. The city has a population of 2.2 million people.

She added that the city has benefited from the contributions made by several academic institutions.

The mayor said the role of cities in Africa should include focusing on education and culture as this will help provide more jobs for the people of Africa and gradually put an end to Africans in Diaspora and also improve the lives of ordinary people.

This was also the point Sipho Sepee a Political Analyst made some days ago. He said that Africans have not promoted education and hence the cause of the many ailments in Africa.

Finally, she congratulated South Africans on its 15 years of democracy and the just concluded Presidential elections. She thanked the people for coming out in their millions to vote.

Professor Francis of the Nwonwu African Institute said 70 % of Africans live below the poverty line and yet Africans prefer to import foreign products. He advised Africans to look inward and exploit the resources they have.

He made mention of the Oil in Nigeria and Angola, Timber in Central Africa, DRC and Congo etc. “We have failed to add value to these resources in Africa rather we allow them to be imported. If he had done this, more job opportunities would have been created’’ the professor said

Furthermore he said we should think African but act globally. “We need a new type of colonization not as in the past where the  focus was on building mansions and other physical structure rather the de-colonization of the mind where we see things differently and act accordingly especially in the area of development”.

The minister of arts and culture H.E Lulu Xingwara said The New Partnership for African’s Development (NEPAD) should come up with a key role in which we can develop and maintain a sustainable education.

He said it’s time for our scientists and researchers to look into the challenging areas of health issues like HIV/AIDS and malaria which is growing at an increasing rate in Africa and also develop those areas that can create jobs for the people in our continent.

Edem Abudra, the acting director of UNESCO, originally from Togo said Africans contribution to the World and mankind should not be taken for granted. A book should be written on it and this book should be made available not only to African youths, but to youths the world over.



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