Muslims should not use weapons of mass destruction and possess them only as a deterrent, a top Islamic cleric says.

Grand Mufti of Egypt Ali Gomaa said using such weapons would violate Islamic teachings as Muslims as well as non-Muslims could be killed.

He issued the religious ruling, or fatwa, following reports that the use of such weapons was legitimate, the state news agency Mena said.

His ruling comes just days before the visit of US President Barack Obama.

Mr Obama, who arrives on 4 June, is expected to give a speech on US relations with the Muslim world.

On a recent visit to Turkey he said the US was not at war with Islam and called for a greater partnership with the Muslim world.

Cairo has said it does not want to make atomic bombs and in the past has called for a region free of nuclear weapons.

Correspondents say that is a reference to Israel – the only Middle Eastern power suspected of possessing such an arsenal.

Pakistan is the only Muslim country known to have nuclear weapons, although Western powers and Israel suspect Iran of trying to develop an atomic bomb.

The grand mufti, who is state-appointed, said it was also not allowed for Muslims to kill civilians even during a declared war.


‎Emmanuel Onatafe‎ [4:42 PM] sends:

‎‎Emmanuel Onatafe‎‎ [4:43 PM]:
He is not new to the media; both print and electronic, he is almost on every TV station in Africa and the world, a search on your TV set will take you to either a programme on healing school of Christembassy or Pastor Chris teachings, the Internet has a lot to say about him, a click on Pastor Chris or Christembassy will tell you that. Magazines and Newspapers are not left out in this publicity fad, because a line or two on Pastor Chris will increase their sales which will bring more food to their table. A household name is an understatement for this man who is fast becoming a brand to behold.

You cannot receive the file “PASTOR CHRIS AND THE MEDIA.doc” from Emmanuel Onatafe. This may be due to firewall restrictions or network problems. If you need further assistance, please contact your system administrator.

‎‎Emmanuel Onatafe‎‎ [4:43 PM]:
No doubt, a man of his character will definitely raise waves especially in the media. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome the president of Believers’ Loveworld who pastor one of the largest congregation in the Africa has become a major subject to media houses who represents him negatively except for some few who against all odds brings to spot light the great and mighty works his been doing around the world which is the practice of true journalism. This is a man who has helped millions especially the youths discovered their destinies in life through his outreach crusades like the “National Youth Conference” whose major theme is Nation Building. His message of hope and faith has brought succor to many who had already giving up hope in life. Amazingly, no one is saying anything about these things.

‘He dresses like a business mogul…’ writes a news magazine, ‘he speaks like an airport announcer…’ writes another. But, is that all about him? Definitely not! Ok, come to think of it, how come so called reputable media organization like uhuhuonline publishes only negative stories that has to do with Pastor Chris and Christembassy, like ‘Pastor Chris in a Miracle scandal’ ‘Pastor Chris paid me 10,000 RD…’ ‘South Africans vows to drive Pastor Chris and…’ without the opportunity of fair hearing on his side of the story? Nothing was written about night of bliss London and Toronto Canada, or are they not news worthy? Off course they are!

I think the reputation of media organizations like this, is questionable, they should be advice to go back to their notes and learn properly the ethics of true journalism and put it to practice rather than continuing in what they are doing which could best be describe as an intentional attack on a man who has become a threat to them thereby compromising what true journalism is, and parading themselves as bunch of misguided critics assassinating a character who is not bothered about what they are writing. The funniest thing is that none of all junk journalistic practice has affected him in anyway; rather it is increasing his influence all over the world which is reflected in the ever increasing number of foreigners who travel from far and near to be at his meetings.

There are world’s untold stories that are waiting to be told, excellent journalism should crave for that rather than none essentials, kudos to the likes of CNN and BBC who have distinguish themselves in contemporary journalism. Character assassination will not make your organization known, men of goodwill should be commended and celebrated, and fair hearing is a right that should not be compromise. The world knows that Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is man of goodwill and a blessing to his world, no amount of criticism by the media can stop him.

that is all


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