One of the black box flight recorders from the Yemeni plane which crashed in the Indian Ocean on Tuesday has been located, a French official has said. Efforts to retrieve the recorder will begin during the day, the official added, quoted by AFP news agency.

BOX LOCATEDMeanwhile doctors say the only survivor of the crash, teenage girl Baya Bakari, is recovering and in no danger. The plane, flying from the Yemeni capital Sanaa to the Comoros, came down in bad weather with 153 on board. There were 66 French nationals among the passengers. Most of the rest were Comorans.

Most of the passengers had flown on a different Yemenia aircraft from Paris or Marseille before boarding flight IY626 in Sanaa. “The black box’s signal was located yesterday [Tuesday] at 1630 local time (1230 GMT) by an aerial patrol, 40 km [25 miles] from Grande Comore,” a spokeswoman for Co-operation Minister Alain Joyandet said.

Most aircraft have a flight data recorder and a cockpit voice recorder. It was not clear which of the two from the Yemeni plane had been located. A French vessel has been sent to the site to start recovery operations, she added. French rescue teams are already involved in the search for survivors.



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