The only known survivor of the Yemenia flight which crashed into the Indian Ocean has arrived back in Paris on a French government plane. The 12-year-old girl, Baya Bakari, was found clinging to wreckage in the sea, hours after the crash. The plane, going to the Comoros from Yemen’s capital, Sanaa, came down in bad weather with 153 people on board.

YEMENIAYemenia has halted all flights in and out of Marseille in France, where many crash victims began their journey. Baya Bakari had been treated in hospital in the Comoros Islands for injuries thought to include a broken collar bone and burns. She was accompanied on the journey back to France by medical staff and France’s Minister for Co-operation Alain Joyandet, who had flown to the Comoros after the crash.

On arrival at Bourget airport, she was taken by ambulance to a Paris hospital for further treatment. “In the midst of the mourning, there is Bahia,” Mr Joyandet told a news conference at the airport. “It is a miracle, it is an absolutely extraordinary battle for survival.” He said France would do everything to help Ms Bakari, who had sent a message to the world that “almost nothing is impossible”.

Ms Bakari’s father, Kassim Bakari, met her on arrival and said he was “relieved but at the same time sad”. “I am happy I can see my daughter but at the same time, I lost my wife and it is not only my wife I mourn but for all the people who died in the crash,” he said.



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