Members of Liberia’s truth commission have received phone death threats since recommending President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf be barred from office. The BBC’s Jonathan Paye-Layleh says some of them have gone into hiding and turned off their mobile telephones.

LIBERIAIn a report, the commission recommended a 30-year ban for senior politicians for their role in the civil war. “Thanks for your report; but death awaits you,” a text to commission chairman Jerome Verdier said. “Your report has damaged our future,” it continued.

The Truth and Reconciliation Commission was set up by President Johnson-Sirleaf after she was sworn into office in 2006. She has admitted that she had backed former warlord Charles Taylor’s rebellion 20 years ago, but a government spokesman said she would not resign.

“She is not going to resign. The president and the rest of us are reading the report. What I can tell you, is that President Sirleaf has tried to reconcile the country for the last two years,” Laurence Bropleh told the AFP news agency.



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