A video showing the killing of a civilian in Maiduguri, the Borno State capital and scene of some of the most violent skirmishes between an Islamic sect and Nigerian  security forces has sparked an online media furore.

The 51 seconds video which is hosted on youtube, isn’t dated but shows a man shot at several times after he failed to heed policemen’s warnings asking him to lie down. This is coming on the heels of a picture recently published by the BBC, which suggests that the slain leader of the Islamist sect group blamed for the violence was unhurt when arrested by the Nigerian army and then handed over to the police. The police claim Mohammed Yusuf the Boko Haram sect leader died as a result of gunshot wounds he sustained while trying to escape

On several popular Nigerian social networking sites such as Nairaland, Nigerian Village square and Facebook, there have been condemnations and even calls for an investigation by the International court of justice. The Nigerian police has denied it used excessive force in dislodging the militants from its camp in nearly five days of fighting; a position which is hotly contested by human rights groups which have demanded that Nigeria’s President Umaru Yar’Adua set up a panel of inquiry into the mayhem.

The Nigerian police say at least 700 lives were lost in the mayhem, a figure that closely rivals the Red cross’ figure of 800 and a least 4,000 displaced.

Meanwhile Islamic clerics in Northern Nigeria say they will carry out a vetting process of Islamic preachers throughout the country

Aghogho, ConnectAfrica


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  1. Northern Nigeria: Breaking the Silence, But to What End?

    Hundreds of alleged Islamists died during fights and an ensuing massacre of the army in the North of Nigeria last week. For a growing number of young Nigerians in the North, a rigorous dictatorship by the clergy seems more attractive than the current societal situation. Read my report here:

  2. Bismillah i watch d crises live talkles of the video but d video hots me well cos nigerian police and goverment aqe working out of experience they handle that case in elitracy way and i as a citizen of nigeria i lyk all d world to know that nigerian army army are the cose of this trouble cos boko haram members on their way to jana’iza they saying allahuakbar and then soldies open fire without reason thats what hapend i’m a eye witness…innallaha ma’asabirin and i’ll tell tie truth cos kulilhaqqa walau kana marra.

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