Guinea junta appoints Dore as prime minister

Guinea’s ruling military junta has appointed veteran opposition politician Jean-Marie Dore as prime minister, a source close to the junta said on Tuesday.

Dore, head of the Union for the Progress of Guinea, will head a transitional government with the task of leading the west African country towards democratic elections, which would be the first since Moussa Dadis Camara took power in a coup in December 2008.

Like Camara, Dore is from one of the minority ethnic groups of Guinea’s Forestiere region.

The appointment was made after discussions between Camara and Sekouba Konate, the junta’s second in command who assumed control of the world’s biggest bauxite exporter when Camara was injured in an assassination attempt last month.

“Jean-Marie Dore has been chosen,” the source said, adding that Konate was due to return to Guinea from Burkina Faso’s capital Ouagadogou on Tuesday.

The talks in Ouagadougou were mediated by Burkinabe President Blaise Compaore.

A frail, slowly-spoken Camara is convalescing in Burkina Faso after being shot in the head by a former aide-de-camp.



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