Violence spreads in Nigeria’s Jos, curfew imposed

Clashes between Muslim and Christian gangs broke out again on Tuesday in the capital of Nigeria’s Plateau state, killing dozens and forcing police to impose a 24-hour curfew on the city.

A police official, who declined to be identified, said as many as 60 people may have been killed since Sunday when clashes started.

Police initially imposed a nighttime curfew on Jos on Sunday to ease tensions and prevent a repeat of the November 2008 clashes that killed hundreds of residents. But violence flared up again on Tuesday, forcing the police to extend its curfew.

“In view of this situation in town, I hereby declare a 24-hour curfew starting from now,” said Gregory Anyating, the state’s police commissioner.

Residents said sporadic gunfire could be heard in many neighbourhoods and several houses were on fire.



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  1. I want to say that only God can bring peace back in Jos.Many peoples blood has been wasted in that land,the people of plateau should do some prayers i mean a stroung prayer so that God will take care of all the problemes in that land.I love Jos i was born in Jos i gro-up there,i saw hell in jos i almost lot my life in jos for no reason,i lost eveything but God saved me.I saw dearth and i saw dead peoples bodies now i am having three places shewed on my head i had to start life in another part of the world with paines,its past thou but, can°t get it off my haed thou i tryed but the marks,paines and memories are still there. i beg all those that has in one way lost there people,properties and homes like me to please take hearth i know how difficult it is even with me now but,lets try.And for the evil minded politeshans i want to advice you all to change and stop causing paines and killing in the name of religion.Thank to all the good people of plateau state long leave jos plateau state.

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