Guinea leader Jean-Marie Dore pleads for election funds

Guinea urgently needs funds to be ready for an election due later this year, the prime minister has told News Agency.

Guinea leader Jean-Marie Dore

“We need to have money… [but] we will try to do our best to be ready,” said Jean-Marie Dore.

Election officials announced on Sunday that a vote would be held on 27 June – part of a deal brokered to secure a return to civilian rule.

The military took over the country in December 2008, following the death of long-time leader Lansana Conte.

Junta leader Capt Moussa Dadis Camara was shot and wounded in December, prompting crisis talks during which the military agreed to organise an election within six months.

But Mr Dore told the News Agency that the country had no funds for election materials or to conduct a census of Guineans living abroad.

He said the government was working with international organisations such as the European Union, United Nations and regional body Ecowas.

“We are looking forward together the best way to organise fair elections,” he said.



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