Kenyan PM more trusted than president in poll

Kenyan Prime Minister Raila Odinga’s failed attempt to suspend two ministers linked to corruption investigations appears to be winning him favor with voters, a new opinion poll showed.

55 percent of Kenyans trust Odinga to lead the fight against graft,

The poll by Nairobi-based Strategic Research Limited  said 55 percent of Kenyans trust Odinga to lead the fight against graft, followed by President Mwai Kibaki on just 14 percent and trailing in all eight provinces of the country.

Odinga created a storm in the fragile coalition government earlier this month by ordering the suspension of two ministers to allow investigations into major scandals over maize sales and the diversion of funds meant for schools.

Hours later, Kibaki revoked the move saying the prime minister did not have the authority to suspend ministers, provoking a rift that sent the Kenyan shilling to an eight-month low against the dollar.

Odinga and Kibaki were forced into a unity government in 2008 following post-election violence that killed some 1,300 people after Odinga said he had been cheated of the presidency by the incumbent Kibaki.

But the coalition has struggled to make substantial progress on reforms, or tackling corruption, due to persistent bickering between the camps that has disillusioned many Kenyans and made the government deeply unpopular.



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