Higher Life Conference, Zone 3

You must program your own spirit for victory, for success and the glory life

The Believers’ LoveWorld Inc. aka Christ Embassy is a one-of-a kind ministry. The ministry is synonymous with spectacular programs, massive crowds and incredible signs. The members are defined by an unparallel passion for God , and unflinching devotion to their pastor, Rev Chris Oyakhilome PhD and his message. To many who thronged the gigantic LoveWorld Convocation Arena in Lagos Nigeria for the first day of a 3-day Higher Life Conference, this was not in doubt as they witnessed these facts for themselves first-hand.

As early as 3pm, 2 hours clear from the start of the day’s program, bus loads ferrying thousands of believers of Zones 3 and 5 of Christ Embassy Lagos began to arrive the premises. It started as a trickle that suddenly took on the dimensions of a throng requiring the combined efforts of men of the Nigeria Police, the Mobile Police Unit (MOPOL), and scores of volunteers from the churches within the zones to maintain traffic.

Meanwhile the interior chamber of the auditorium had taken on a life of its own. The unfolding spectacle could best be described as an extraordinary experience of a Christian event. When the members of the congregation ministered to the Lord in prayers and worship, their emotions were involved. Renowned gospel artistes thrilled the church with inspiring renditions. Very few could hold their seats. The passion, the excitement and the charisma with which the brethren responded to the ministrations were characteristic of the Christ Embassy experience.

The Man of God, Pastor Chris stepped onto the platform at 21.00 GMT in an aura distinctly his own, extravagantly cheered by his members. His message was a classic delivery.

“You must program your own spirit for victory, for success and the glory life!” Pastor Chris announced to the congregation. He extolled the wonderful benefits of a life in Christ and the  born again experience. However, he cautioned that being born again was not the end in itself. He challenged Christians to consciously build faith in their spirit through the Word of God and seize control of their finances, health and all that concerns them by speaking faith-filled words.

The levels and heights that many would soar to, in the months and years to come, as a result of these words are left to anyone’s imagination.

When the call of salvation was made, the response was humbling. The crowd of men and women, young and old, who assembled in front of the platform to be led to Christ, was phenomenal. They could easily form a mega-congregation. It was a resounding echo to the words in the Acts of the Apostles “And the Lord added to the church daily such as should be saved.”



2 Responses

  1. pastor chris is the undisputable man of God of our time, he is indeed full of the fullnes of God. Clems

  2. God is good and his name exelenty

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