Gaddafi comment sparks diplomatic row with Nigeria

Nigeria has recalled its ambassador to Libya and questioned whether the north African country is sponsoring violence after Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi said Nigeria should split along religious lines.

The Nigerian Foreign Ministry said it had recalled Ambassador Isah Mohammed for urgent consultations after Gaddafi’s comments, which come as Nigeria tries to contain violent clashes between Muslim and Christian gangs which have killed hundreds of people around the central city of Jos.

The Nigerian parliament meanwhile passed a motion late on Thursday urging the government to order an investigation by the African Union into whether Libya was supplying “infiltrators” to destabilise the country.

“The insensitive and oftentimes irresponsible utterances of Colonel Gaddafi, his theatrics and grandstanding at every auspicious occasion have become too numerous to recount. These have diminished his status and credibility as a leader to be taken seriously,” the Nigerian Foreign Ministry said.

“His comments on the crisis in Jos, Plateau state, are most unacceptable and unbecoming of any leader who claims to advocate and champion the cause of African integration and unity.”

Gaddafi said in a speech to students this week that the Jos crisis was a “deep conflict of religious nature” and suggested splitting Nigeria along religious lines “would stop bloodshed and burning of places of worship”, according to the News Agency.

He praised the example of India and Pakistan, where he said partition had saved many lives.



One Response

  1. I believe rumor should nt continue to carry it bt what Ghadaffi has done has made the religious belief in shake that ppl begin to have shaking believe in term of faith that is God actually there in our distress and pain and the issue of peace is now disguist into war that one has to stand his ground and it has and will turn to world to a ground where only the strong survive and that is really bad. i just hope all this stops and the perpetrators brought to justice. that people can live in peace.

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